An analysis of people with disabilities

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Normalization (people with disabilities)

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Teaching People with Developmental Disabilities Updated DSP Name: Mentor’s Name: Date(s) of Portfolio Review: Total Mentoring Time: or behaviors, could use a task analysis for the people Focus on what you've learned in the Teaching People with Developmental Disabilities Module.

Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs must integrate the users’ economic, physical, social and communication realities! Meet George, a Participant of Children’s Case Management at Service Coordination.

Karen knows the advocacy and determination that comes with having a child with many disabilities.

Mental Age Theory Hurts People with Intellectual Disabilities

Aggressive and destructive behaviors are an ongoing challenge for many children, adolescents, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This detailed type of task analysis is useful in helping people with autism or other disabilities to complete activities such as dressing themselves, washing their hands, or making their beds.

Task analysis enables a teacher or parent to break these activities down into smaller, more manageable, pieces.

An analysis of people with disabilities
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