An interview with ridley scott talks

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With the DVD release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Ridley Scott has once again revisited his masterpiece, subtly reframing one of the most hotly-discussed films of all time.\r\nIn this roundtable interview, Scott talks about the different versions of Blade Runner, the lack of quality in recent sci-fi writing, and how the fanboys helped to champion the film.\r\n.

Hannibal is a American psychological horror thriller film directed by Ridley Scott, adapted from Thomas Harris's novel of the same is the sequel to the Academy Award–winning film The Silence of the Lambs in which Anthony Hopkins returns to his role as the iconic serial killer, Hannibal Lecter.

Julianne Moore co-stars, in the role first held by Jodie Foster, as FBI. Sir Ridley Scott (born 30 November ) is an English film director and producer.

Following his commercial breakthrough with the science fiction horror film Alien (), further works include the neo-noir dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner, historical drama Gladiator (which won the Academy Award for Best Picture), and science fiction film The Martian.

A look through the oeuvre of Ridley Scott. Francis Ford Coppola said that for a studio to make even one movie is a risk which is why so many movies that aim to be different simply can’t get financed.

Deadline has published a great interview with Ridley Scott in which he talks about how Star Wars got him to do Alien instead of Tristan & Isolde. This is a really interesting interview which also let's us know how he's makes some of the decisions he does when he films.

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An interview with ridley scott talks
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