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The result was that RSS, the Really Simple Syndication format, was born.

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In essence, RSS is simply an XML document that can be used to describe the content available on a given Website. Typically, “content” means news items, but other uses of RSS include summarising articles, short stories, and so on. Write a SELECT statement that returns all of the columns and rows from a table named UserRoles.

SELECT * FROM UserRoles To determine which rows in a table are selected, you code a _____________________ clause in a SELECT statement. | Email:info at | © Demo Source and Support. All rights reserved. And why not specify that right in the tag instead of having to write customized code around each and every input?

That will eliminate the great majority of validation chores. For some tricky inputs, particularly when the validity depends on a combination of fields, you still must write validation code. Writer that can be used to write content to the page.

PageContext is an abstract class implemented by java JSP engine vendor and provides access to all the namespaces and attributes of a particular JSP jsp. For tags, I just need to use it to get the JspWriter to write tags to the page. You'll note that doStartTag must return an int value.

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