Eeprom arduino write anything game

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Write String to Arduino EEPROM

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Pong Clock

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Do you want to control your Arduino with an IR remote? Do you want to use your Arduino to control your stereo or other devices? This IR remote library lets you both send and receive IR remote codes in multiple protocols.

There are a lot of 8 and bit single-board hobbyist computers available these days. But every one of them falls short in some way or another from what I dream of. Feb 03,  · This post describes how the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit, or "Two-Wire") interface works, with particular reference to the Arduino Uno which is based on the ATmegaP microprocessor chip.

The NetClock NTP Synchronized OLED Clock is a quick and simple project to exercise your WeMos D1 R2 ESP board and get a super-accurate clock as well!. See update below for automatic WiFi connection handling!

Introduction. This clock uses the classic video game Pong to tell the 2 players automatically win and lose so their scores show the hours and minutes.

It’s not too hard to. Adding External I2C EEPROM to Arduino (24LC) For the purpose of this tutorial we’re going to be writing to the eeprom so we can connect the WP pin to GND.

That’s all you really need to know in order to use and external I²C EEPROM chip with the Arduino. Take this setup and play around with it, see if you can figure out how to.

Eeprom arduino write anything game
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Arduino - EEPROM