Write around the room recording sheet to track

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Read Around The Room Recording Sheets - Read the Room and Write the Room

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The sheet is pretty self explanatory, with room for 3 songs, group members' names, notes, start and end times, and anything else you might wanna have on a track sheet.

Getting Started

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Read & Write the Room is one permanent station. Each round a new set of letters/words/student names will be posted for students to find and copy onto a recording sheet.

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In this first round, students are searching for letters of the alphabet. Do you have a method or strategy for recording ideas when they occur to you? If not, you should. Ideas tend to be fleeting creatures, bubbling up from your subconscious mind without warning, and then disappearing just as quickly — perhaps never to.

To prepare Rainbow Write the Room, print letter outlines (printable below) onto card stock paper. Card stock works better since these are hanging on the wall and the stiffer surface of card stock is easier for the kids to write on (especially with an uneven surface like cinder block walls).

Write around the room recording sheet to track
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